Why Windows 10 Insider preview was delayed

The hold-up in updates might impact the implementation of Windows 10 April 2019 upgrade as soon as it is offered for the public. Dona Sarkar, Chief of Windows Insider program clarified in a collection of tweets the factor behind the postponed updates in the Slow Ring.

Earlier today, Microsoft has actually lastly provided a Windows 10 19H1 variation 18342.8 to the Slow Ring beta testers. This upgrade has actually not been released to systems operating on base language ZH-CN to stay clear of collapsing. When the individuals uninstall the video games that are triggering the problem, the upgrade will certainly be pressed to them.

According to Dona, video gaming anti-cheat software application is creating GSOD– Green Screen of Death that resembles Windows’s Blue Screen of Death however particular to sneak peek launches.

Numerous business that utilize Windows Insider for Business program for verifying brand-new Windows launches have actually grumbled to Microsoft concerning the absence of updates to Slow Ring.

Dona stated that the solution for the concern is to be given from third-party companion firms that have actually created the anti-cheat software program and also Microsoft is dealing with them to settle the concern.

This isn’t the very first time when Windows is collapsing when an anti-cheat software program is made use of. Formerly, Microsoft carried out actions like DEP and also ASLR as well as PatchGuard to fight the problem.

Among the significant concerns with anti-cheat software program is that they run in bit setting that triggers GSOD. Such software application commonly horn in the working of the os and also harm the bit information framework which causes collapsing of Windows.

The approaching Windows 10 April 2019 launch (codenamed 19H1) remains in the screening stage. While the Rapid Ring is getting screening sneak peeks regularly, Windows 10 Expert Sneak Peek Slow Ring had not been getting updates for a long period of time.

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  1. Hi guys, i’m pretty new to mac/apple since my last device was one iPhone 2 back in time. Since January i got my own macbook pro 13″ and my iPhone 6s, i’m pretty happy with them.
    I’m a little noob while installing software and i’m still adapting to this new SO on my mac. So i’m keeping my home computer with Windows (maybe linux) for now. The problem right now is i need a lot of files which are on my 3tb hard drive (media,music,apps,images,tuturials,…). Well my home computer is 24/7 online, my question is: Whats the best way to access my HDD while i’m on University, to get those files? FTP?

    Well i hope someone can help me with a way to solve this.
    Thanks in advance

    1. One option is to enable port forwarding and then ssh/ftp into your machine. Another is that some routers come with vpn functionality, and if you have vpn’ed into your private network it is trivial to access files. Yet another is to use apple’s native “back to my mac feature” which automatically takes care of this (I think you still need to manually enable ports though, otherwise IIRC it uses something akin to TURN server which is not direct).

  2. There are some good points raised here.

    My first concern is that:

    Do you mean, that if I walked into your abode and kicked your Mac out of sleep, it’s live? Not very secure really.

    I use NAS for my Mac’s but thats not the issue here. So if you wish to access your hard drive remotely, as lldb pointed out some routers come with a built in facility to access certain drives remotely.

    Oddly enough only less than a week ago a member had asked me if your can access a 123movie free Seagate portable drive from home. Yes you can if your router has the specs.

    I have fibre and so my router has various input slots, I connected a 2TB Seagate drive. The trick is to getting your router to set up your url, also you just need to be aware that Mac’s may try and use various other ways within your ‘routers’ configuration. You need to open the url for your ‘routers’ Maintenance slot.

    If you check this old post:


    This gave me the clue on how to see the drive. Once I had the url from the router, with the drive plugged in, I could ‘load’ it to my FTP client, which of choice at the moment is Forklift. (NB: The drive must be plugged in to your router.)

    So without leaving my Mac’s at home ‘live’, I can wander the part of the world I live in, with a good, non administrator wifi connection or a 3G dongle, and connect to my Seagate harddrive.

    I have just played with this option only the other day, purely for another issue, it still works. Guess what, yep you can use it in the finder, >>go>>connect to server>> add relevant ip,

    Works like a charm

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